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Our mission is to help client’s learn their unique formula for optimal health and fitness. Success does not lie in a ‘one size fits all’ diet or simply ‘eat less, exercise more’. It lies in the creation of each person’s own nutrition plan. Different people need different kinds of foods and we are skilled in discovering the kinds of foods which individual’s thrive on.

At FTS we understand the significant stress experienced by the body following injury and how this triggers the adaptive and reactive nature of the metabolism. We often work with client’s who struggle with stubborn fat gain, fatigue, sleep issues, cognitive issues (such as short term memory and impulsivity) and low mood. We carry out assessments to understand client’s current eating habits and are able to identify changes which are needed to help reduce stress on the metabolism.

Our nutrition advice service provides clients with the information needed to improve their daily diet and to understand how to eat properly. The results include fat loss, weight gain (where appropriate), increase in energy, controlled hunger, reduced cravings, improved sleep, better skin and improved gut health amongst many other health benefits. 

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